It’s pouring outside. The wind has frightened almost every leaf to the ground. It’s a chilling reminder of the coming winter.

Lazy Saturdays always make me want to cook. I woke up craving minestrone – a perfect excuse to stop by the farmers market, until the wind spoiled any plans of attempting to make the best of the weather. But that didn’t mean that I couldn’t make the best of the leftover beans and fennel. Inspired by a “Crisper-drawer Soup” I read about this week, and with minestrone as my muse, I plucked handfuls of cauliflower and cabbage from the fridge.

Thirty minutes of dish washing and some minor chopping later, I had a tiny pot simmering on the stove. Ease and simplicity is what I love about soup. Everything brightens in the pot, mingling as if that’s what they had been left to do.

I ate beside the window, eating as I watched a tree’s branches wriggle. A really good way to be enjoying the day.

oh! Happy Halloween!