Some very fortuitous incidents occurred over the past two days that left me no choice but to make this pizza - blue cheese, bacon, figs, and caramelized onions.

fortuitous event #1:

I just met Jill Santopietro. Not actually. A friend introduced me to Jill and her Tiny Kitchen/Apartment 4B videos on Sunday. I spent the greater part of the day watching every single episode – some twice – and perusing her blog. I think I’m in love.

fortuitous event #2:
Just when I had abandoned all plans of a Sunday at the market Joe picked me up. A drive by. With ten minutes until closing time we sped there dodging buses and joggers just in time to catch the old lady dumpster divers and a handful of open stands. We were only intending to look and didn’t even come with cash, but a sizable basket of figs for only five dollars sent me skipping giddily to the bank machine.

fortuitous event #3:
A wedge of deliciously stinky blue cheese was up for grabs at work today. It sat in my locker for hours stinking up my sweater.

fortuitous events #4 and #5:
Bacon? Check! Onions? Check!

Ingredient-gathering has never been so effortless for me. I had to make it.

I spent the day at work thinking about Jill, replaying images of her rolling pizza dough with a wine bottle (which is what I do because my rolling pin is mia) and tossing it in the air. She raved about using bread flour to make it stretchy. I wanted stretchy pizza dough, but I had neither the time nor the flour. This predicament led me to a very fortunate discovery.

fortunate discovery #1:
Pizza places sell balls of pizza dough. $2 only. For a medium!

We brought the dough home in a stapled thick brown paper bag, and slid it into the fridge alongside the blue cheese and tray of figs. I neglected to photograph any of these beautiful events – not even the pizza bubbling happily in the oven – but I still had to share. Trust that it was a beautiful experience.