Bakery breakfast

I love bakeries on weekend mornings. A really beautiful shop, Mamie Clafoutis, just across the street from out apartment was packed today - a rainy, lazy Saturday, my last in Montreal. We ducked in this morning on our way to the pharmacy and came out with most perfect breakfast for my last Saturday in Montreal - pain au chocolat, sweet brioche, and a blue cheese-walnut ficelle. Joe and I took them to go, but stopped to huddle under an awning to protect our goods from the rain, and so that we could also enjoy them rain-free. After my bread baking adventures this week I'm really itching to concoct a recipe of my own. Cheese and walnuts were scattered throughout and an oozing pocket of rich cheese was hidden in the center. I'm happy that the scent of blue cheese will linger on my fingers all day.

We're preparing now for a farewell potluck this evening, trying to plan an array of dishes that will make use of thyme and fresh ricotta in the fridge and a chicken Joe has had frozen for months. So far the menu will include an espresso black bean chili, a roast chicken, maybe ricotta gnocchi or pizza, and likely a banana bread.

Off to China town, Jean Talon, and our favorite cheapy grocery store.

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