Overnight Oatmeal

You may recall that I'm beginning to think that breakfast is great. It's especially great on mornings when needing to be out of the door at 7 in the morning, ready to start the day, smile, tell you're coworkers you're great, thanks, how are you when really you're ashamed about yawning too much and wondering when it's no longer to soon for coffee. On these types of mornings, which are increasingly becoming my types of mornings, it is particularly great not only to eat breakfast, but to have it be prepared well before you are.

No matter how early I set my alarm, if I prepare my lunch, or lay out my clothes as I did when I was ten, I always seem to be rushing to the car, half-full coffee mug in hand. On good days a banana also makes it along for the journey.

This is all new to me - not my inability to be ready pre-eight-am, but the routine. It comes with the new gig I've picked up, working part-time at a food co-op located a convenient nine minutes from my home.

Enter overnight oatmeal, easier to make than boxed brownies and much better tasting.

Overnight Oatmeal

inspired by Alton Brown serves 2

Though I find great comfort in preparing meals, on rushed groggy pre-co-op mornings it is a greater comfort to wake up knowing that breakfast is set, and that all I have to is remember my wallet and leave five minutes to eat.

1/2 c steel cut oats
2 c water
1/2 c whole milk

Combine all ingredients in a crock pot. Set on low heat and cook for 8-9 hours. Turn it on before bed and with a stir or two in the morning, you're good to go.

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