oh goodness here we go!

I’m blogging! Welcome to the beginning.

Blogging. It’s been on the list of things that I really want to do but cannot start until I know that I can commit for quite some time now. It’s sandwiched between running a marathon and writing a book. Both of these, I assure you, will happen.

Just so as to wipe away any scrap of mystery, let me explain what I’m doing. My mission statement, in a large nutshell:

This is my space to start writing for myself again. This is a project, an experiment, a lesson. I’m a few months out of my undergraduate degree, and after a summer of unmotivated laze I find myself erupting with innovation and a sudden craving for productivity. For the next while I will be playing in the kitchen mostly. I plan to churn through a few cookbooks, locate all those scraps scribbled with recipes, and bake and cook and learn as much as possible. Bear with me as I figure out how to write creatively again, to get my camera to take pictures I like, and figure out just what oh what I should do with myself.

And we’re off!

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